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Are We a Something?

Are we a something, You and I?

Some days my heart is lulled

into hoping

YES - by

the laughter dancing

in your eyes,

the smile lighting

your face as you

swing wide the door.

You make love to me

sweet and true,

bodies connecting in

space carved by

mutual longing.

Are we a something, You and I?

Some days my hearts cracks

in two

a resounding - NO

declares a soul wary

from watching you

scramble back

into a fortress

of memories.

I still make love to you,

hungry and fierce,

loneliness a

justification to

both of us - I suppose.

Do I need a box checked to vindicate my love?

IN or OUT!

my heart screams

when I am strong,

thinking, either way, an answer

will finally set me free.

I’ll take anything I can get,

my soul begs,

on days crippled by grief,

you and your words

my only sun.

Are we a something, You and I? I continue to pose the question,

knowing all the while,

if I have to ask, I have

all the answer I need.

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1 commento

30 ago 2022

Wow! Very poignant. All couples should read this and reflect.

Mi piace
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