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August, New Mexico

August, New Mexico

August heat makes us snappish.

Please, and Thank You, melt into

What?!, and Whatever.

Sweat trickles between breasts


from the bondage of bras.


Less is more.

To hell with modesty.

Slumbering cat ears

flick in the false breeze

of the rotating fan.

Dogs dig in cool dirt,

wiggle a wallow,

stay until sundown.

Wings held wide

chickens pant,

peck chilled watermelon.

Spring gardens, tenderly nurtured,

bloom then bolt,

going to seed, and nobody cares.

Freshly picked cucumber

salads, soups, and sandwiches,

all there is for supper.

Weather forecast on repeat

Sustained - Incessant - Unremitting


We complain.

We whine.

We bemoan our fate.

We stay.

This is home. Where else would we go?

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