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Blackberries and Pigs

An Evening Walk on Vashon Island

I walk the yellow line until

the hum of an electric car

sends me scurrying for the ditch

Bands of rusty belts guard

cliff sides plunging into the ocean

hundreds of feet below

Not to worry, you would get stuck

in the frost tipped blackberry jungle

long before you tumbled into the salty wet

Invisible chipmunks rustle fallen leaves

I crouch, wait a lifetime

finally glimpse a tiny stripped back

A tonsure of clouds wraps itself around

Mt Rainier, the silliness of this hair style

not diminishing its grandeur one bit

Three sheep, two goats, a Guernsey cow

one llama and 6 pigs give testament to

Franklin Farm etched on old barn wood

I throw blackberries over the fence

unexpected manna from Heaven

causes a raucous pig war

A sooty crow lands atop

a soaring pine tree

I crick my neck in wonder at both

The sinking sun scatters

pinks and oranges onto

the grey slate of Puget Sound

As I turn my feet towards

some hot soup, new books

and a soft bed, I think

September on Vashon Island

is a glorious thing

lets do this again next year

shall we?

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