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No Granny Panties For Me!

when you are a bit over the hill

one may contemplate comfort

slip into eschewing the sexy


life’s too short for granny panties

rather, embrace impractical:

layer sweats with satin

lace under leggings

g-strings go oh-so-nicely

with anything at all

for him? for them?

certainly not - for YOU!

when perusing the grocery aisle

ticking off

tomatoes, tortillas, toothpaste, tots

life can feel beige, a bit blasé

then you recollect

itty bitty bits of lingerie

barely covering your derriere

there’s Power in Pretty

Courage in Cheeky

Strength in Seduction


nobody knows…


keep it that way

they marvel at

your youthful glow

the pep in your step

the air of a woman

half your age

let them…

a little mystery goes a long way

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