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The Motor Inn

Perspective 1

lip slip Shut up! knock down split lip

don’t tell play game

day break - new shame

The Motor Inn

Perspective 2

Slipping her head beneath the scratchy motel comforter does not shut out the screams and obscenities, the crying splitting the early morning stillness. Situations like this are always so confusing. Is something really wrong? Just an alcohol fueled domestic spat or one of those times when 911 should be called? Someone should tell someone something before it becomes tomorrow's headline? Her heart breaks for the audible misery unfolding two floors down. Finally, she drifts off, only to wake in the morning to a flush of shame. Her desire for rest stronger than her ability to bear witness.

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1 Comment

Jun 14, 2022

Ah yes, to interfere, to become involved and at what cost?

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