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Sound of Silence


flock south

settle in mass 

for a birthday celebration

life on hold

emails unread

appointments skipped

cell phones silenced


each moment filled with

sound, stories

debating details, dates,



eating, eating, eating

pancakes, eggs by the dozen

biscuits and gravy, CAKE

three squares a day swell our bellies

we travel south

White Sands National Park

La Palomas, Mexico

massive dunes, a massive wall

we travel east

fluorite, petrified wood, arrowheads

treasures searched for, 

discovered, carried home, sorted

we shop local

postcards, books, rocks

$8 movie + popcorn + red vines

churros, green chile cheeseburger, red beer

they leave today

alarms set, coffee drips

cats confused by pre-dawn activity

weave between legs

suitcases loaded, hugs all around

car doors slam, gravel crunches 

as red tail lights wink goodbye 

headed north

returning to still-warm blankets

we shed tears, fall back

asleep, lulled by, saddened by,

the sound of silence

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