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A Card Carrying Member

monsoon season

goat head carpet rolls

across barren land

desert newcomers ignore sage advice

let them stay

“Such pretty flowers!”

oh the folly of knowing not one’s enemy

summer heat

scorching rays

green to brown

soft to thorn

tender thoughts turned deep regret

“such pretty flowers” now barbed seed heads

one - breeds one thousand

we told you so

stays behind sealed lips

for we remember the pull

dainty yellow faces smiling so innocently

the thirst for green

we were once you

Welcome to The Goat Head Gullibility Club

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1 Comment

Jun 25

I moved to Albuquerque from Oklahoma at the beginning of my 7th grade year. We had a vacant lot across the street from our house so I promptly took my bicycle out to ride in it. Both my tires were flat within 2 minutes. Needless to say, thorn proof tubes were soon a part of my bicycling routine.

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