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Are You Married?


he is short, solid, confident

a man who knows he is handsome

with a smile exuding warmth

and - interest

I noticed you he says

I saw you dance and WOW

his hand is on my hip

not invasive

just resting there

drawing me close

so he can speak to me

over the pulsing beat

filling the room

filling me

rhythm, energy, power

my body loose, free, joyful


are you married he asks

why is this always the question?


are you unhappy

are you lonely

are you searching

I am all of these things


I am, of course, married

Very Married

I say so because

it needs to be said

but oh,

the aching loss


he removes his hand from my hip

PS - I always get texts from worried friends and family after posts like this - the first version of Anthony was written in 2017, which feels like a lifetime ago. I still dance with anyone who wants to dance with me, but I no longer have any reason to feel sad when hands are removed from hips. (:

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