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Beauty from Ashes

the mystic adorned in black velvet beads woven into his beard

glaring stage lights

glint off silver bands

adorning fingers and wrists exotic elegance singing lyrics of redemptive brokenness

Beauty from Ashes

his words echoing

in my heart, I weave my way across the crowded dance floor to your side slip my arm around your waist

feel the warmth of your flesh beneath my fingers give you a squeeze return your smile put my empty glass on the bar say good night feeling peace for the first time in forever beauty from ashes

I lost sight of

this possibility when

the chasm of pain

swallowed me

I fought and flailed

cried and mourned and

wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote

hoping deep inside me - someone who was me


bigger and

stronger and



ease my suffering

find an escape

restore my dignity

that never happened

nothing is dignified about

a broken heart


a path forged

from strength

a mystic would understand



patience for the process

the gift of passing time

vowing to honor

who I had been

who I was becoming

I, too can sing of finding

beauty in the ashes


that beauty is …


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1 comentario

29 mar 2022

A happy turnaround. A rising up. So proud of this person.

Me gusta
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