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Birds Eye-View

Oh, there you are!

way up high

dark smudge winging

against sea of sky

sleek glossy raven

symbol of death

or perhaps prophet,

the herald in myth

blue slips beneath

your upturned wing

a birds-eye view

of lesser beings

of rabbits, deer

turtles and wrens

lizards, squirrels

bears and of men

If I stand still

harken my ear

will you tell me things

I long most to hear?

is GOD for real?

does Love ever win?

a reason for Heartache,

what waits at the End

the why of War

world swimming in Death

a small child Starving

Exhaling last breath

the Wailing of women

while fathers Wield guns

Follow the dictates of politicians

I pose my questions

voice floating on wind

woman to wild

end to begin

can you hear me,

will you descend,

bring comfort and wisdom

the gift of a friend?


glint of eye

curve of beak

slow downward spiral

you land on the peak

of a skeleton tree

under which I am standing

preen your feathers

rumpled from landing


you answer not

despite caw and clack

cruel beak clicking

all shiny and black

I wipe away tears

take a deep breath

release my burden

of misery and death

thank you dear Corvid

for hearing my woes

I am grateful and touched

but I want you to know

I realize this kinship

is all in my head,

you landed just hoping

I would drop dead

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