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Damn Dog's Rebuttal

My extremely talented friend, Steve Morgan, penned a rebuttal from the poor, misaligned dog that was the subject of yesterday's Damn Dog poem. I thought you all would enjoy it. He is so clever with rhyme and has a great sense of humor, as you can see. Thanks, Steve!

Damn Dog wasn’t sure

If the lady was going to share

The smells were teasing

Egg salad so pleasing

She turned as if not to care

Well I am a dog

An opportunist elite

And these moments beckon strong

If I had the words

Many thanks I’d say

Never thinking the meal was wrong

And It was so good

I did mean to share

But suddenly it was gone

Then lady's gaze fell upon empty space

Her silence didn’t last long

She wasn’t happy

A guess I’d make

As she loudly called my name

Damn Dog Damn Dog

over and over

Nonchalant I basked in shame


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