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Denver Airport

plaid shirts,

puffy Patagonias

hiking boots

and man-buns prevail

old punk rocker

silver hair slicked

into a spiky ridge

gives visual relief

little dogs on long leashes

swaddled in puppy coats

toes clickity-clack on

highly polished tiles

my own toes, scuffed

placed on silver pedestals

dark head bends to

apply Oxblood shine

See’s chocolate kiosk

resisted once, twice, but not thrice

I find a 6 x 12 x 1 inch space

in bag overflowing

book store browsing yields

more must-haves than

my carry-on suitcase

can accommodate

poetry and a memoir

make the cut

while, with a sigh

the rest, re-shelved

passengers, all shades of white

workers, all shades of brown

why? I have no answers

but always wonder

flight announced

lines form

seats found

stuff stuffed

my silver bird


takes flight

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