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For Michael

You Held Me

You held me when I was young and tender

knew nothing of the world

you taught me to be a lover

the beautiful world of skin and body

You held me when you told me

of your betrayal

you taught me love and hate

can exist in the same heart

You held me when our babies were born

whispering courage

you taught me men can change

when there is a family to fight for

You held me when days were grey

and almost overtook me

you taught me strength comes

in so many different forms

You held me when our children wed

the dance floor calling

you taught me now is the time to dance

because we may not have tomorrow

You released me when I needed to go

your heart breaking

you taught me what it means

to truly love someone

Te Adoro -

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Oct 19, 2021

Another beautiful piece of writing!


Janet Best
Janet Best
Oct 19, 2021

Beautiful Alice.

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