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Forbidden Love

Keep it Secret! Keep it Safe!

Oh we feel the tension of this exhortation

how can such a Little Hobbit

do such a Big Thing?


a Ring of Power

Hopes and Dreams

the Entire Destiny

of the Race of Men



yet it is a tangible thing

a Bit of Gold

easy to

Tuck in an Envelope

Store in an Old Trunk

even Take on a Journey

Fling into a Fiery Furnace

how can you ask me

to keep Our Love

the Joy of our Union

Hidden from the World

how do You expect Me

an Ordinary Woman

to do this?

I have no Fellowship

I have no Gandalf

I have no Sam Gamgee

to carry me up Mount Doom

I only have your sweet kisses

your whispers in my ear

soft, tender, urgent

if my Love for You

Falls into the Wrong Hands

it is

the End of Us

Keep it Secret

Keep it Safe

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May 03, 2022

Wow! Excellent!

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