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Love In All Its Forms

Love is the only reason

I DO becomes I WILL

despite the heartache,

despite the hard times

despite the disappointment

Love forgets

Love remembers

Love is flexible

Love never bends

Love empties you out

Love fills you up

Love makes no sense at all

Love is alive

it grows

it dances

it hopes

it comforts

it weeps

it mourns

it withers

Love can die

So a kid in my VBS class

comes up to me and says

“This week I learned the most

powerful word is LOVE”.

"Kid", I thought, "you have a

beautiful life in front of you."


A - You are the bee's knees.

Z - You are the cat’s meow.

A - You are the mustard on my chili dog.

Z - You are the hot fudge on my banana split.


A - You are the trumpet in my Blues band

Z - You are the upright bass in my Bluegrass quartet.

A - You are the pep in my step.

Z - You are the fire in my loins.


A - You are the cherry in my Manhattan.

Z - You are the M & M’s in my trail mix.

A - You are the feather in my fedora.

Z - You are the tail on my dragon kite.


A - You are the ink in my tattoo gun.

Z - You are the sugar water in my humming bird feeder.

A - You are the top down on my convertible.

Z - You are the sweet first kiss on the Ferris Wheel.


A - You are the salt and butter on my fresh-picked sweet corn.

Z - You are the sun-ripened blackberry exploding in my mouth.

A - You are the porch swing swinging.

Z - You are the screen door slamming.


A - You are smart and kind and mine. xxx ooo

Z - You are brave and cheerful, I am yours. xxx ooo

Happy Valentines Day

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