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Love Sandwich


Adoration Squared

Funny - Kind - Compassionate - Wise

two sides of

the same coin

Elisabeth Alice Elisabeth

a Love Sandwich

I have not posted for over a month. I feel like my well of wisdom, wit, or even wonder(?) has run dry. Or maybe six weeks of interaction with people I love most in the world has me at a loss for words? I kept having to choose between sitting at my desk or sitting around visiting. After a few days it wasn't even a conscious choice; my laptop remained closed, my pencils gathered dust.

It has been a blow to my ego. "I can't even keep a promise to myself!" It always comes back to balance, priorities, and releasing a sense of control. In the end, my little words will be forgotten but time with my people will bear eternal fruit. Meet two of my favorites, my mother, Elisabeth (Suzy) Wyatt Lyons, and my daughter, Elisabeth Alice Murphy.

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1 Comment

Jan 31, 2023

Well said. Guess you've got a little more in 'ya.

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