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New Mexico Christmas

Enjoy this bit of fun poetry, written

by my good friend Destiny Mitchell

It was Christmas time in New Mexico,

and God forbid the ground have snow.

Though the sun swept mountains of Santa Fe

have no effect on old Santa's sleigh.

Because, in this valley of red adobe brick,

there's a different guy than old St. Nick.

He's a jolly good being called Santa Fe Claus,

it's one of New Mexico's stranger flaws.

And Santa Fe Claus has attributes still some the same

though he gives different gifts & reindeer names.

Instead of Dasher and get the gist,

his reindeer are named with a New Mexican twist.

"On Sunny, on Sandy, on Buzzard & Rattles,

On Needles & Pepper, on Lobo & Saddles.

And not even Rudolph holds a candle to,

our infamous "Rocky, the one-eyed reindeer."

Santa Fe Claus doesn't use chimneys, cuz here their all fake,

he searches the house for an entry to break.

No trees, we decorate cacti, no joke!

It's always so funny when Santa gets poked.

No cookies and milk for Mr. Claus this year,

he gets chili-con-carne and a Taquiza beer.

No stockings to fill or get covered in soot,

he stuffs all the toys in our old cowboy boots.

And Santa Fe Claus needn't worry 'bout lighting his sleigh,

'cause no matter where he goes, luminarias light the way.

And for Santa Fe Claus when he opens the doors,

the wreaths that are hanging aren't trees anymore.

They're made from our chiles, the Christmas colors still match,

grown down in the chile capitol in Hatch.

From Gallup to Carlsbad, and Las Cruces to Toas,

all through-out Albuquerque he won't miss a house.

From T or C to Farmington, and Lordsburg to Raton,

he even stops in the desert to drop the coyotes a bone.

So remember this Christmas as you snuggle in bed,

as visions of ristras dance in your head,

Santa Fe Claus will come see you tomorrow,

Saying "Merry Christmas to all!" as he tips his sombrero.

Destiny Mitchell, a lifelong New Mexican, is a woman of many passions. You find her teaching at Hot Springs High School, coaching the Tiger Sharks swim team, or hosting fundraising events at the Broadway Social Club. She is also a great poet and is particularly proud of this 2003 effort. I am so grateful for her permission to publish it on my blog.

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