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New Mexico Christmas

Twas the Season of Crazy

of Merry and Bright

of Jingle Bells, Deck the Halls

and Oh, Holy Night

Children most unhappily dressed

as shepherds, Mary and Joseph

Santa Claus outfits

Rudolph red noses

card to relations, treats to teachers

late nights for mothers

decorating, gift wrapping

while fathers? they slumber

a move to the desert

brings most welcomed relief

solstice bonfires, beach luminaries

green chile posole, chicken, or beef?

gift-giving is modest

a hug, an invite to dinner

have and the have-nots

are not a real thing here

no rush, no fuss

not fancy, no frills

best thing of all

no credit card bills

Christmas morning dawns

early and bright

no snow, no snow shovels

only sun and blue sky

we sip pinion coffee

as gifts are unwrapped

slide into a hot springs

then take a long nap

New Mexico Christmas

to give it a rating?

five stars on the google

come on down,

why are you waiting?

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