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New Year's Mantra

New Year's Mantra

This is the day

the Lord has made

I will rejoice

and be glad in it

This day

not tomorrow

or yesterday

no future promised

or past re-lived

just today

a hard task

being present

in a world of

could a

should a

would a

pressing from all sides

tasks undone

to-do lists into forever

taking up space in my head

today - rejoice - be glad

smile, laugh, break bread

make love, give a hug, listen

write a poem, read a book, send a letter, 

walk the dog, be kind, be patient

hold hands, hold a baby, breathe

forget about the clock


one the LORD has made

relax, REJOICE and

BE GLAD in it

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Deena Bingham
Deena Bingham
21 ian.

My favorite verse! 💕

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