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Pretend Chocolate Pie

You call to show me

pretend chocolate pie

and make me guess

Who Am I ?!

your scary, green Hulk mask

fills the phone screen

I shriek, make all the

wrong guesses

You giggle, declare

It’s ME Bubbie!

hold the phone close

breath fogging the lens

You want to see chickens

so I transport you

from an apartment in Greece

out to the chicken yard

Little Richard cocks her head,

peers at you from 6,486 miles away

Your mother shows off a fridge

stuffed with local produce

Your father gives a patio tour,

Aegean Sea in the distance

Your baby brother screams

for anybody’s attention

It is finally time for bed and you cry

but what about the chocolate pie?!

so we all have a piece

ummmm, so delicious!

we smack our lips then say our goodbyes

blow kisses until the screen goes black

So I begin my morning, that is your bedtime

already full, but indulge in a second cup of coffee

its bitter sweetness so perfectly complementing

my heart

as you and I ate

our pretend chocolate pie

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댓글 2개

2022년 10월 18일

You are the bestest Bubbie.

Alice Wyatt
Alice Wyatt
2022년 10월 18일
답글 상대:

I kinda felt like it in the moment. So great fun J and S take the time to call from across the sea.

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