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Solitary Toothbrush

I Stopped By Today

I stopped by today

to water plants

pet the old dog

who surely misses me

Everything was much the same

as when I left you

took a four-month road trip

of self-imposed self-discovery

Looking closely though

I spot subtle differences

my photo missing

a single toothbrush in the holder

I stand there a moment

taking it in

your new life



one without me

You moved your pillow

to my side of the bed

reading glasses and neatly stacked papers

reveal your nighttime presence there

I wonder about this change

maybe my light was better

maybe you miss me

questions I have no right to ask

Plants watered

the dog made to feel loved

I leave a note by your/my light


I stopped by today

and then


I love you

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1 Comment

Sep 14, 2021

Small gut-punches are often the most poignant. Whew.

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