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Three Haikus

My Alaskan friend of 26 years sends me a haiku every morning. I can follow the weather on her island, the Cubs baseball season, current political shenanigans around the world, and her mood, all because of 19 clever syllables. I tend to wax on, thinking more is better. Her edits on my pieces are covered in red ink, "less - two words, not five - CUT!" I am getting better with word selection, taking out bits and pieces that lead down rabbit trails, and think of her smiling when I cut whole paragraphs. In her honor, and to celebrate National Haiku Poetry Day on April 17th, I submit the only haikus I have ever written, trying to capture a whole scene in 5 -7 - 5

Dawn Ruckus

dawn ruckus ensues

flashlight reveals horror of

dead bunny, smug cat


pillow stealing cat

nightly struggle for blankets

get your own bed Jake!


phone call - cancer spot

out comes the doctor's knife - SLICE

SOB - I will be brave

Stormy Haikus

awake at midnight

in the dark I grab your hand

this storm is scary!

rain slashing sideways

wind rattling the windows

no leaks here. I say

but the other house?

are the trailer windows shut?


leaping from our bed

we race naked to the door

stand there, it is COLD

I'll go - no. I"ll go.

we are delaying the going

launch out into wet

a deluge hits us

watch those slick tiles! careful!

fast then faster

up the stairs, breathless

door thrown open, windows shut

mission accomplished

I dry your shivers

you pull back the comforter

cold bodies snuggle

sleep comes at long last

the brouhaha is over

just a haiku now

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