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Spider Lover

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Spider Lover

blissful couples

walking hand in hand

unexpectedly awaken

thoughts of you

sticky strands of sorrow

strangle my breath

an intricately woven

web of grief

snares me

I thought the

sunny day

the cotton candy

the good company

would keep me safe

my heart flails about

desperate to escape


is bound

by spine



tendrils of what used to be

wrap ‘round and ‘round and ‘round

the suffocating pain of the past

strangling the joy of the present

how could I forget

you are always there


in the shadows of my mind

slowly eating me alive

(photo credit - Sara Carlson, edited to fit by me, which was a shame to the original. Check out Instagram sara_buddee to see her work!

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2 comentarios

22 jun 2021

What drew me to this article was the spider allegory. I never kill spiders in my house or elsewhere. Janny on the other hand....

Me gusta

22 jun 2021

The past can strangle the joy of the present if we let it. I like your imagery of a spider waiting...I will be more cautious about letting the past overwhelm me with this in mind.

Me gusta
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