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Where Does One Store a Soul?

Safe Place

Oh for a safe place

to store my soul

Perhaps a

locked box high on a

shelf with its only key,

adorning a smooth chain

around my neck?

no harsh words,

angry people,

or ugly retoric

will reach it there


a great steel vault

deep under ground,

its combination

my secret to keep.

no war,


or leeching loneliness

will find it there

A secret island

far out to sea,

a clever map

sketched in invisible ink!

no judgements,

unmet needs, or

past failures

will search for it there

Oh for a safe place

to store my soul


it rests

in flesh and bone

quickly pierced

slow to heal

a tender, quivering

thing with no defense

at all

Oh the despair,

at having no place

to store my soul

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Another well worded piece of writing. Well done, Alice!

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